Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

DTU | Eurekos LMS Case Study

Moving from traditional live instruction to comprehensive blended learning


DTU was on a vision­ary path to build a truly amazing blended learning solution that integrated various learning styles as well as acting as a meeting point for students, teachers and business partners. To do this, they had to cope with the ever growing student population and the challenge of figuring out what learning technology, if any, would do what they wanted to do.

“We wanted to use our resources more efficiently and create a blended learning solution that was amazing for everyone”, said Søren Lybecker, Program Manager.


An ambitious program was designed to build a remarkable learning platform for both self-study and blended learning. One million DKK in aid from DTU gave them the opportunity to utilize the power of blended learning, where physical facilities play a smaller role.

Students who attended the course would get access to an online platform where they found e-lectures, gradient descriptions told as movies, reading material and ‘Edutainment’ movie clips. On Wednesdays they would solve tasks in groups and during the morning hours they would attend a live talk show with relevant and inspiring professionals. The same content would also be available in an online course format.


Each year, over 10.000 students and 5.800 staff members achieve cutting edge technological results that inspire the lives of others. Courses are no longer bound in time and place, which also makes DTU able to scale education without expensive additional facilities.

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