A discovery worth celebrating

Our software development started in 2011. By 2018 it was spun off under a new brand and named “Eurekos”. During 2019 it became an independent legal entity, Eurekos Systems Aps with the Senior Management Team as owners. Today we are still privately owned, financially independent and operating out of Denmark, Poland, Ukraine and USA. All our products and services are performed in-house.

Eurekos was started to solve a problem. Originally an Accredited Training Organization through one of the world’s leading accreditation entities for Project Management, Change- and Risk Management – training and learning have always been at the core of our business.

We broke free of technological restraints to what was becoming an increasing challenge; just-in-time production of information and localization in a global world, learning across cultural gaps and reaching audiences with ease through our software.

The result of this discovery is what we share with you. Though technologies have changed over the years our vision remains, and the need to keep pace with the rapidly changing dynamics of the global scene has only become stronger.

We challenge the status quo and help organizations reimagine their approach to learning by leveraging the most efficient way to create, maintain and deliver a great learning experience.

Therefore, we say “Reimagine Learning”, together.

Re-imagine Customer Education

With Eurekos you have emphasis on creation and delivery of unique content, supporting full channel services and products with great global localization.

When you choose Eurekos, you also choose a very committed partner and not an ocean-liner LMS vendor.

We proudly sponsor

The Eurekos team wants to make a difference by making learning accessible for everyone through technology. We are actively sponsoring projects with UNHCR, select NGO’s and the Carey Institute for Global Good, dedicated to making the world better by contributing a strong, educated and just society.

The Management Team

We are passionate about delivering all our clients the best service and most innovative product in our industry. It’s all about trust and confidence in the partnership. Matching expectations and then some.

ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 are our commitment to security and privacy

Information is one of our most valuable assets. Preserving confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information in our care is essential to maintaining our position as a respected and trusted partner of IT services.

We are certified through the auditable international security standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013. And to make sure your privacy is managed with equal commitment, we extended our certification to include the ISO/IEC 27701:2019. This is the privacy extension layered on top.

Through these certifications Eurekos demonstrates that we have defined and put in place best-practice information security processes and a privacy information management system (PIMS), which is continually improved. This also means GDPR compliance in regard to the EU.

Our Partners

Danish for You teaches Danish to employees so they can enhance their social interaction at their workplace and to feel a part of Danish society. Understanding Danish society and the ability to navigate outside work creates a feeling of belonging and satisfaction, and will give you more motivated employees. There will be less employee churn, especially due to competition in other countries. Learning Danish can start before your new employees come to Denmark, as we teach them wherever they are and whenever it fits their schedule.


Get More Time Academy is a consultant and training company that has one goal: Make people and organizations more effective. They focus on individual employees, teams and organizations because development and training is only effective when all of the parts are addressed.

Courses delivered by Get More Time: Project Management and Personal Effectiveness.

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