9 reasons to choose Eurekos. One integrated platform

  • A true Netflix experience. Easy for participants and administrators.
  • Award winning native authoring tool. Create content online with any number of authors and SME’s. Publish once to any device.
  • Integrated global video streaming service. Free streaming, video conversion and storage. Secure and private.
  • Full featured course administration system. Distribute content to participants, clients and channels.
  • E-commerce, online catalogue and multi-currency.
  • Market leading on virtual instructor led training for remote learning facilitation and collaboration.
  • Integrated to O365, Microsoft Teams, Google, YouTube, H5P, Stripe, PayPal, Meet, Adobe and many others at no additional cost.
  • Best-in-class with over 100 languages.
  • ISO/IEC 27001/27701 (Privacy) certification is your guarantee that Eurekos is a safe choice for any size of organization.

User experience is everything

Eurekos provides a fully integrated eco-system and a Netflix style experience for all audiences and administrators alike. Easy, efficient and recognizable gives an ultra-short learning curve.

Enjoyable. We have gone to extreme lengths to make single page designs and single-click operations whenever possible, making even complex operations very simple to execute.

  • Intuitive and direct with all the right features in focus for every role.
  • Clear progress views on dashboards, pages and navigation with resume functions.
  • Use any device, desktop, mobile and tablet to interact with interfaces optimized for your screen. Responsive and Adaptive.
  • Universal design principles ensure a unified and consistent user experience across all integrated 3rd party services.
  • Modern web technologies with best practice WCAG 2.0 and accessibility targets.

Native course authoring. Empower everyone to create engaging content in minutes

Our award-winning native authoring tool allow any subject matter expert or trainer in your organization to create content with ease, using only a browser. Remove the production bottleneck and create content just-in-time with confidence and efficiency in any language.

Unique single-sourcing principles ensure you never lose control of your content, ownership, distribution and never again struggle with maintainability of information.

  • Easy and intuitive. Amazing drag-and-drop tools.
  • 40+ customizable interactive learning tools and gamification.
  • Co-create content with SME’s and review. Unlimited authors.
  • Up to 5x faster than traditional methods.
  • Advanced learning paths and branching scenarios.
  • Unlimited storage and archives for upload and sharing.
  • Integrated global video streaming service. Free streaming, video conversion and storage. Secure and private.
  • Publish once to any device. Instantly online. Instantly updated.
  • Import xAPI, SCORM (all versions) and have externally built materials side-by-side.

Learning delivery for any audience and complexity

Reach any audience with advanced learning delivery, whether you are an academy pushing compliance or an organization training end-clients in your products through a global distribution channel with high complexity. Or are you perhaps an NGO with special needs?

Eurekos offer a recipe that allow you to design your own processes through a set of diverse delivery features. Super optimized easy interfaces, expanding only as you add complexity.

  • Any learning methodology; Virtual facilitated, blended, self-paced or your own.
  • Advanced course administration; waiting lists, user-initiated cancellation, reassign, minimum and maximum seats, access restrictions, facilitators, locations etc.
  • Support programs with multiple modules, events and certification.
  • Certification by online assessment and facilitated practical assessment.
  • Automated email workflows and reminders.
  • Onboarding automation.
  • Mass user administration based on job function, interests, roles, etc.
  • Decentralized management options – for managers and clients.
  • Surveys, statistics and reports.
  • E-commerce, additional products and discount coupons.
  • QR codes and even unregistered user access for preboarding purposes and unknown users.

Excellence in virtual instructor led training and remote workforce

We are agnostic to online tools – anything goes! Incorporate online conferences of any type and meet preferences or requirements of any organization; yours or your clients’ when you teach, train or collaborate during projects. Supports uniquely designed business process flows and provides super simple interfaces for all participants.

  • Unique support for essential administrative training process flows.
  • Native integrations and agnostic approach to any online tools.
  • Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Go-to-Webinar, Go-to-Training, Adobe connect and other native integrations.
  • O365 Calendar integration.

Free integrated global video streaming

Eurekos features a native integration to one of the world’s leading infrastructure services, which gives you private and secure video services at no additional cost. It’s like your own secure YouTube service with perfect streaming quality and no commercials.

  • AWS CloudFront (Global delivery network) with automatic video transcoding and several bitrates (qualities) with automatic bandwidth
  • Single archive with videos and playlists. Organization wide.
  • Permission control, public or private and with automatic tagging.
  • Integrated to the authoring tool for drag and drop use.
  • Custom player with subtitling and slides.

Social, coaching and community

Incorporate communities and discussions or even task management as native elements within your training programs. Take advantage of the uniquely integrated social capabilities to strengthen engagement and outcome through communication and collaboration.

  • Have full Team discussions with integrated feeds on individual course pages.
  • Get feedback from peers, colleagues and SME’s.
  • Members only access for privacy; share files, calendars, videos and anything else.
  • Enable collaboration on tasks with multiple deadlines between members.
  • Suitable for project management.
  • Fully automated user management from enrollment and cancellation.

Make it yours with over 100 languages. Are you global? Or just specifically local?

Whether you need to present your services in all or any part of the world at once, we offer you perfect localization. All interfaces, emails and messages are in every supported language and we have even more to come. We support time zone support and even administration and learning delivery across time zones.

  • 100+ languages and growing. And Right-To-Left flipped interfaces.
  • Built-in translation interface for you to customize ANYTHING; interfaces, buttons, messages and emails to make it just right for your audience.
  • Time zone support in learning administration and delivery.
  • Multi-currency with reference to localization.

Learning analytics and reporting

Follow progress and compliance for individual participants and cohorts through powerful benchmarking visuals and engage I proactive actions. Views are customized to support functional requirements for each role and allow comparison with averages and time.

  • Follow progress on individual asset level with e.g.: number of views, score and time.
  • Benchmarking for individuals and cohorts – compare yourself or the individual against the average progress and scores.
  • Manage practical assessments and download certificates.
  • Download training transcript and completion reports.
  • Analytics integrated in automated email workflow to trigger intelligent interventions.
  • xAPI analytics throughout. Option of including a separate LRS.

Your services through e-commerce and online payment

Eurekos provides an integrated storefront for unregistered users, user sign up and enrollment flows with online payment. Populate the storefront with your open offerings in categories and easily monitor enrollments through the course administration.

  • Integrated e-commerce and storefront.
  • PayPal and Stripe as secure payment providers for credit cards (Incl. Apple Pay and Google Pay). Even manual payment options.
  • Manage multiple currencies easily through the price manager.
  • Virtual credit system for managers of an organization.
  • Additional products such as manuals, certificates can be offered.

SSO and provisioning of users from other systems; Microsoft, Google, CRMs, Web portals and more

Automatic user provisioning (and deprovisioning) from other systems is one of the most essential integrations. Minimize user management, onboard and automate content assignment based on rules and profile criteria. This Provides a safe way to connect to partners and providers of SaaS solutions around the world.

  • One login to all systems and simple authentication.
  • Protocols: SAML2 and OpenID (Oauth2) = basically everything.
  • Integration does not exclude your ability to have users such as external consultants and clients who are created through other means, simultaneously!

Infrastructure and hosting options

Eurekos is a Software as a Service (SaaS) where each of our clients have their own separate virtual instance, webserver and databases. This allows us unlimited flexibility in configuring and customizing anything you need – including potentially On-premise requirements.

  • SaaS solution is our default. Application data can be stored at several locations all over the globe to suit your requirements.
  • Eurekos offer On-premise with yourself or at another premium hosting provider as per special agreement. We manage, update and monitor server applications for you.

Open API for your own projects

Eurekos provides an open API and allow you to exchange data between Eurekos and your HRIS, CRM, course administration, customer portal or other legacy systems. You can do it on your own or with our assistance. We also offer integration projects to suit your purposes.

  • Create and update users and profile information.
  • Get and create sign-ups for training activities.
  • Get certificate data.
  • Synchronize courses, events – and many other elements.

Extended Enterprise. Sophisticated but easy to manage

Integration does not exclude your ability to have users such as external consultants and clients who are created through other means, simultaneously. Even multi-federation SSO.

  • It comes packed out of the box; you can customize almost anything.
  • Multiple roles with segregation of permissions. It is possible to have any number of new roles added and customized.
  • Organizations to isolate groups of people and their managers.
  • White labeling – providing organizations their own visual profile.
  • Virtual Credit System for organizations.
  • CEU points.

Native integrations to best-of-breed solutions

Eurekos offer integrations to leading SaaS providers of services around the world and make them part of our integrated eco-system.

We select the best-of-breed solutions and make native integrations to make sure they are seamlessly connected and provide exactly the benefits you need obtain from the integration. This gives the best user experience, consistency and one interface.

  • Microsoft O365, Microsoft Teams, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, H5P interactive learning tools, Salesforce, AWS, Stripe, PayPal, Adobe etc.
  • We customize and integrate your favorite services too.

ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701 are your guarantee for security and privacy

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of in information management system (ISMS). ISO/IEC 27701:2019 is the privacy extension on top. We are applying privacy by design.

Through our certification Eurekos demonstrates that we have defined and put in place best-practice information security processes and a privacy information management system (PIMS), which is continually improved. Yes, also GDPR compliance in regard to EU.

  • Application security includes strong password, blocking users, automatic sign out, geo location alerts, event logs and much more.
  • Server security includes access policies, SSH key access, monitoring and alerts, login tracking, firewall and encrypted SSL connection with A+ level security.
  • Processes include vulnerability scanning, system monitoring, automatic password changes with short intervals and 2-factor authorization and organizational measures.
  • Penetration testing is performed with 3rd party at intervals
  • GDPR related features allow configuration of automatic user deletion and anonymization of data at specified intervals and parameters.

Anything you want. We customize for you.

Our secret spice is the ability to customize anything. Our modular structure and scalable infrastructure make it possible to customize and develop anything you need to support industry specific requirements or simply to leverage organizational procedures.

Nothing is too small or too big to handle for our expert inhouse development team. We make ad-hoc deliveries without downtime through rolling deployment strategies.

  • Agile development ensures rapid software development.
  • DevOps and configuration management allow us to keep track of your customizations and we manage them with general roadmap releases too.
  • 3-tier release management and dedicated QA. Efficient and quick delivery directly to your preproduction system for UAT.
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