A strategic partnership ensures your success

Our professional services are fueled by the strategic understanding of your business and exploration of how to leverage long-term success. We contribute with reimagined processes, solutions and customization to match any business need.

The information of today’s partners allows us to translate knowledge into strategic roadmap innovation to enable stronger partnerships tomorrow.

Exploration of your business objectives and their match with the Eurekos system.

  • Individualized demo
  • Full test platform
  • Scheduled and guided support
  • Free solution design for identified industry specific gaps
  • Timeline and cost offer

Identify the success criteria for your business.

  • Organizational alignment on timing, priorities, cost and scope
  • Business gap identification
  • Project plan creation and stakeholder communication
  • Project initiation

Execute using agile concepts thus ensuring quick benefits and iterative implementation.

  • Platform setup and configuration
  • Individualized training at scale
  • Course authoring and import
  • Software development and integration to 3rd party
  • Migration of learning records

Continuous evolution of your product with our CSM team.

  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly business reviews
  • Plans and roadmap alignment
  • Service desk with team members you know and trust
  • Support, and an extensive knowledge center
  • Online learning resources

Frictionless onboarding and implementation in weeks

An agile approach to analyze, design and implement in iterations. Reap the benefits faster and enhance each roll-out with incremental quality improvements through POCs. Explore business opportunities during review of each iteration to penetrate markets and reach audiences with greater success.
Onboarding chart


Fast-track process to identify the project boundaries, expectations and KPIs. The pre-project process will establish a high-level project plan and illuminate business critical gaps and cost. 

  • Kick-off with internal PM. Communication channels and Q&A
  • Interviews with relevant staff and decision makers
  • Identify gaps, tasks, timelines, and expectations
  • Initial project plan draft and “reality check.”
    Present to stakeholders and decision makers
  • Feedback and revision to project plan
  • Final milestones and plan are presented and committed to by stakeholders

During the pre-project all currently known requirements are identified through stakeholders from relevant parts of the organization. This also means that this is a projection of effort in time, scale and cost and a window into a possible future.

We participate on any level and can also simply act as advisors on existing plans defined by you.


Setup and ready to go within a week

This includes everything in terms of getting the training platform set up on your own domain with secure transmission of data and backup processes.

  • Server and security setup, email and platform configuration
  • Standard configuration of visual identity with logo
  • Activating any of the 100+ languages on your platform
  • Setting up the first users
  • Setup includes a production and a pre-production system

Infrastructure and managed hosting services

Each client has their own separate virtual instance, webserver and databases thus allowing unlimited flexibility in configuring and customizing anything needed – including on-premise requirements.

  • SaaS is our default offering. Application data can be stored at several locations across the globe to suit your requirements.
  • We offer on-premise or at another premium hosting provider as per special agreement. We manage, update and monitor server applications for you.

Personalized launch training

Fast-track your onboarding through our accelerated virtual instructor led training program to empower your implementation process.

Focus is aligned with your unique requirements captured from initial RFI conversations through the initiation of the project via the CSM to the trainer. 

  • Four sessions over 3 weeks.
  • Hands-on exercises and feedback, dialogue and examples.
  • 4-8 administrators, course creators and instructors through the individualized sessions and ready to execute their responsibilities.

Migrating training records

When transitioning from your previous training solution, we guide and assist in establishing the right approach and execution.

There are numerous scenarios that can play out in this process. Typically, this level of migration is desired to comply with legislative/regulatory requirements.

Upon completion, users will be able to log in to the system and find and find all their previous courses, view and manage certificates. Managers will be able to see previous training records and download reports without skipping a beat.


Configurations and customizations

Your business requirements are understood through exploration. The same people who gather this information will be involved throughout the design phase.

This approach allows each team member to apply their specialist knowledge and contribute to a better solution.

  • Solution design is performed by experienced business consultants, senior technical assistance, and UX/UI designers 
  • Agile practices ensure rapid software development
  • DevOps and configuration management keep track of your customizations along with general roadmap releases
  • 3-tier release management and dedicated QA. Efficient delivery directly to your preproduction system for UAT

Support and Customer Success Management

Support is about quality and response time. Support is performed by experts and core in-house team members who knows your business.

  • Unlimited tier-2 level support is free and included in your price plan
  • Support is not limited to our ticketing system. Calls, virtual sessions with screen sharing and dialogue, emails and
    whatever is most efficient to address the specific challenge
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly business reviews with your CSM team
  • Online learning resources, videos and knowledge center are available from your instance
  • Standard support is offered from 08-20 CET

Learning content partners

We work with several learning content providers who can facilitate, develop and produce specialist programs and educational concepts. All our partners have knowledge about your platform to make the most of it. Some are leading in their field of expertise and deliver training to the biggest brands in the world.

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