Customer education solution: Eurekos LMS

Eurekos LMS is the ultimate customer education solution. Train your customers to increase retention, sales, and loyalty.

Better-educated customers are more loyal customers – but it’s not always easy to get their attention in such a busy digital world. Too many organizations shout into the void, creating the content they want to create, and not what customers really need.

Customer education programs often feel impersonal, trying to be everything to everyone.

So, how do you solve this?

This is where personalized learning paths become critical, because not every individual needs training on every product and some require only a little training, while some require advanced, certification-level training.

Key benefits of Eurekos LMS for customer education include:

  • Easy onboarding – so customers adopt your products quickly
  • Continuous engagement – keep customers coming back for more with relevant, personalized learning paths
  • Rapid content – constantly create and update content to address product changes and meet the growing needs of your customers

Other features you will find useful:

  • Integrated e-commerce for easy course browsing and purchasing
  • Integrate Eurekos with their SSO solution and their internal software for a seamless, secure, and uninterrupted experience
  • 100+ languages for localized content and navigation
  • Integrated course authoring for quick content creation

“With Eurekos, we’re now able to reach a much larger percentage of our customers, with many new types of content that increase product usage and customer advocacy.”

Sabine Lindner
Head of Global Training Innovation
Vice President

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