By Soren Birch-Petersen, Eurekos Systems.

Eurekos won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Bronze award alongside Sysmex Europe for excellence in the category ‘Best Customer Training Program’ with the entry ‘Sysmex Goes Global: Boosts customer engagement and loyalty with the global rollout of a best-in-class learning experience platform’. The award was announced on the 19th August 2021.

Sysmex and Eurekos’ work together on a project of this scale is an example of what only a true partnership can achieve.


What was achieved?

Sysmex rolled out their best-in-class global training platform on a very aggressive timeline, going global within one calendar year – which happened to be during a pandemic!  Sysmex and Eurekos needed to manage the complexities of global training, which meant considering multiple cultures, languages, bigger markets, more users, time zones, and specific needs from different countries. Sysmex also needed to manage technical challenges that arose from working across multiple learning management systems in numerous countries to develop a solution that could be customized for local needs and implemented on a global scale.

While Sysmex and Eurekos had already created an innovative, user-friendly, centralized learning platform for their existing customers, it was a much greater effort to replicate the training platform across multiple continents, considering everything from more diverse cultural challenges, localisation, significantly more users, multiple organisations, bigger markets, technical challenges, and replacing or implementing multiple systems and content production.

“Our vision for Sysmex Academy – and the reason that we’ve invested in a learning platform and digital training – is that we want to be the best-in-class knowledge provider in our industry. We offer training that goes beyond the Sysmex product, sharing clinical knowledge and scientific topics with our customers. We figured out a powerful way to provide product information and share our knowledge through super innovative, valuable, enriching content,” said Sabine Lindner, Director of Sysmex Academy, Sysmex Europe.


True Collaboration

Both Sysmex and Eurekos believe the project was so successful because it was based on collective experiences. The team collaborated not just on the complex technology necessary, but also in terms of shared experience and support.

Linder said the partnership works well because the Eurekos team challenges Sysmex and asks the right questions throughout the process:

“Eurekos challenges us and helps us determine what we really want and need, builds consensus around decisions, and finds efficient ways for us to deliver on our promises,” Lindner said. “They’re a true partner and competent learning experts, not just a platform provider. Their team provides input and support every step of the way, from planning to implementation and troubleshooting. They always put the end user – our customers – first with an efficient and user-focused model. And they always have the creative ideas, smart solutions, and proper tools to support what we need.”

“Their willingness to jump on calls after hours and work through issues was a welcome change of pace from the absentee support of our previous vendor. They also moved mountains in less than a week to get further than we ever have with an [external tool] integration.” Says Zach Siejka, Manager, Business Systems & Technology, Center for Learning, Sysmex America, Inc.

An example of how Eurekos ‘moved mountains’ can be seen in how security and data privacy as a priority was addressed and the requirements implemented straight away:

“Before starting our partnership and projects, our organization was required as to be ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified to work with Sysmex on this scale.  Sysmex is bringing in personal data from all their clients globally, so having iron-clad security systems in place was – and is – a priority.  We met and exceeded the security guidelines they requested, becoming the first company in our industry and only the second company in Denmark to be certified by ISO/IEC 27701:2019, meaning that we use a certified framework to manage Personally Identifiable Information, data privacy, and other security measures,” said CTO and Founder, Nick Etlar Eriksen of Eurekos.


Sustainable Partnership

Eurekos prides itself on being a ‘partner not a vendor’ to it’s customers- being able to offer adaptability and customization at this scale along with excellent customer service is how they do it.

The team (Sysmex and Eurekos) likens this project to a strong, healthy tree. The platform itself is like the tree’s mighty trunk, then there’s one branch for each region. The leaves are the countries’ custom content, needs and local platforms. The tree is watered and kept healthy and vibrant with additional technology, features, as well as optimized resources and costs. All the parts of the tree (various countries) can benefit from the same water and sun (sharing content, best practices, solutions, and other information.) Each region can have its own branch and leaves (customizable items) while still being part of the global effort (the tree).

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