Review of the Eurekos Customer Education LMS by John Leh at Talented Learning

By John Leh

Today’s Hot Take Review is about customer education LMS Eurekos.

Unlike a lot of the other learning management systems we review, Eurekos is based in Europe. They were born in Denmark, but established roots in the US over the last 10 years, driving external learning of all types throughout the European marketplace. Now, they’re 50/50 North America and throughout Europe. Because of that deep European experience, they have a lot of capabilities both from a service and a learning management system standpoint that uniquely qualifies them to live in that very security-based, privacy-based, localized center of commerce and education.

Customer education innovation

They’ve been driving all types of innovation with customer education through their platform and driving innovation in different areas that I typically see but are super useful for any area of external training or extended enterprise. That could be training your customers, partners, dealers, franchises, but they also have a specialty working with training companies selling their own courses as a business to organizations or directly to individuals. They also work with associations and non-profits who have very sophisticated training and certification, and continuing education needs and requirements.

From a product standpoint, the Eurekos LMS is nice and easy to use. It looks clean and it’s very handy.

Here are some other Eurekos features that stand out:

Scaling external audiences

Managing external audiences is difficult and Eurekos does that really well. If you have ten thousand customers with lots of learners, you need a whole bunch of capabilities to create new portals, brand them, assign content, assign delegated administrators, manage content, see dashboards for those delegated administrators, and prove your return on investment.

Integrated event management

They also have integrated event management, something new that they’re rolling out because they found that many customer organizations are still doing live events. It’s integrated with the CRM, so salespeople can invite you to events and track them.

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Content authoring capabilities

They have really strong content authoring capabilities. Since most of the external learning is proprietary content, the need to easily create content is mandatory. The Eurekos LMS has a full-blown integrated authoring tool that allows you to create vertical pages of content, put those pages together into courses or programs, and place those courses in training plans. These training plans can be adapted based on user profiles and onboarding rules.


They also have the H5P open-source components built in, so you can have interactive video and all different types of interactive questions and flip cards, allowing you to create various engaging content. Anytime you create anything, it goes into a central library of assets, which can then be shared throughout. So, when you update an asset, it automatically updates everywhere it’s used in different courses or training plans, which is pretty cool.

Full e-commerce

They have the full e-commerce experience that you’d expect, allowing you to buy ad hoc or have subscription pricing, and they offer multiple languages with their content authoring.


Speaking of multiple languages, you can translate content using AI. It digs into the content and translates videos and any other content inside, but you can train it with AI to exclude specific words or phrases from translation, allowing you to keep certain words in the original language, like branding, while translating everything else.

On-premise hosting

Another unique aspect is their continued strong need for on-premise deployments, which is a bit different from what we often see in North America due to data privacy rules and GDPR coming out of Europe. Eurekos is happy to deploy their solution behind the firewall and allow that to happen in local data centers. They’ve made it open so you can deploy it in all different types of data centers, being conscious of the local requirements.

Adaptive onboarding

Finally, they offer really nice onboarding rules. If you’re running a big external learning solution, you can build learning plans based on various user demographics. You can create specialized adaptive learning processes or training programs for your audience using and/or rules or exclude rules. This allows you to drive specialized and adaptive learning processes and training programs to your audience.

A leading customer education LMS

In a nutshell, Eurekos is a leading customer education LMS, really focused on extended enterprise. They have experience in Europe that is second to none but serve clients 50/50 throughout the United States and Europe. They cater to industries like manufacturing, software, training, non-profits, and consulting.

So, there you have it! If you’re in any of those markets, I encourage you to head to and check it out. You can find more of our independent reviews and resources at

About John Leh

John is an independent learning technology consultant, analyst, podcaster, blogger and CEO of Talented Learning, a learning tech education and advisory firm focused on extended enterprise education.

To access comprehensive information about Talented Learning and their services, as well as a wide range of resources for LMS selection and purchasing, visit their website at

About Eurekos

Eurekos is purpose-built LMS that rapidly onboards and continuously engages customers and channel partners. It includes an integrated suite of tools for certification, eCommerce, branded portals, mobile learning, and rapid content. Eurekos makes it easy to deliver product training that retains more customers and transforms partners into advocates. Contact Eurekos or request a demo.

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