By Gordon Johnson, Eurekos Systems.

Brandon Hall Group, the leader in Empowering, Recognizing and Certifying Excellence in HCM recently announced that Eurekos is certified as a Smartchoice® Preferred Solution Provider.

Brandon Hall Group is the only professional development company that offers data, research, insights and certification to Learning and Talent executives and organizations. The best minds in Human Capital Management (HCM) choose Brandon Hall Group to help them create future proof employee development plans for the new era.

For over 27 years, they have empowered, recognized and certified excellence in organizations around the world influencing the development of over 10,000,000 employees and executives. Their HCM Excellence Awards was the first to recognize organizations for learning and talent and is the gold standard, known as the “Academy Awards of Human Capital Management.”

Their cloud-based platform delivers evidence-based insights in the areas of Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and HR/Workforce Management for corporate organizations and HCM solutions.

Brandon Hall Group has consistently been the leading independent analyst firm and confirms that Eurekos offerings measurably benefit the organizations they work with. An example of how Eurekos does this can be seen through their work with Sysmex Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of the Sysmex Corporation known for designing and producing diagnostic solutions for medical laboratories.

“Over the past few years, Sysmex had successfully partnered with Eurekos, to create a comprehensive, integrated, award-winning, online learning platform. We were able to develop a huge catalogue of training courses and topics to keep our customers well-informed and engaged,” Sabine Lindner, Director of Sysmex Academy, Sysmex Europe explained. “As Sysmex continued to expand into other geographies, there was an increased need for training around the world. Our new challenge was how to deliver best-in-class training experiences on a global scale – across a wide variety of geographies, languages, cultures, and time zones – on a very accelerated pace. Eurekos helped us accomplish this complex, nuanced effort, meeting every ambitious deadline.”

Over the course of one year, Sysmex and Eurekos launched online training on a global scale, with successful programs in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Central America, Asia, and Africa. Customers from around the world adopted the training, and registration rates increased by an impressive 100%.


Eurekos Partners with Brandon Hall Group


The analyst team at Brandon Hall Group has spent a considerable amount of time understanding Eurekos, some of their customers (like Sysmex), as well as the market they operate in. The team has conducted in depth briefings and a thorough evaluation of Eurekos product/service value proposition.

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer for BHG says “Eurekos offers the full range of product and services that clients need to traverse the difficult and complex landscape of offering personalized learning at scale to their workforce. Organizations looking for a next-gen learning platform that can provide the tracking and management of an LMS with a modern interface, content authoring, and robust analytics should consider Eurekos.

Eurekos is a forward-looking organization, that believes in creating long-term mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.

Brandon Hall Group’s Smartchoice® Preferred Provider Program proudly provides a world-class membership centre for knowledge, resources and advisory support to the entire Eurekos organization”.


Exciting New Partnership

Anders Willumsen, CEO of Eurekos says of the exciting new partnership; “By partnering up with Brandon Hall and becoming a Certified Preferred Solution Provider we have industry recognition that what we do and the way we do it makes a significant difference to our customers’ and future customers’ organizations. It validates our strategy of being ‘everything to someone, not something to everyone’ and that makes myself and the Eurekos team proud. Through the rigorous process of becoming a Certified Solution Provider we have been able to accelerate key initiatives as well as gaining new insight using Brandon Hall as our expert sounding board.”

Download Eurekos’ Smartchoice® Preferred Solution Provider Profile

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