By Gordon Johnson, Eurekos Systems.

The global corporate training market is expected to grow by $52.7 billion between 2020 and 2024. With progression at a CAGR of about 10 percent during the forecast period. This forecast shows the following:

  1. Businesses are expanding rapidly into the global market as remote working makes this trend a possibility.
  2. There is an increased willingness by businesses to spend on corporate training.

NA LMS Market Size & Growth (USD Billions)The expansion of small and medium-sized businesses is expected to offer substantial growth opportunities to the global training market. Advancements of the technological revolution directly impact the effectiveness of global training and its execution.

Indeed, technology has enabled the shift from traditional learning systems to more interactive and modern learning platforms like online tutorials, e-learning, and mobile education. These online learning platforms have further seen the LMS systems’ adoption following the materialization of cost-effective and flexible e-learning modules.

In 2019, the global learning management system market size was $8.76 billion. Following the impact of the coronavirus, the need for global learning has magnified the demand for LMS systems. As it stands, the LMS market size is projected to grow to $38.10 billion by the year 2027, with a CAGR of 19.7 percent during the forecast period.

But let’s not forget that at the center of these innovations and growing trends are the employees. Employees are a vital asset to any business because they contribute to the invention of ideas, which drives company profits and growth.

That being said, training for employees, especially on a global scale, is a business necessity that cannot be overlooked. However, there has been a constant challenge of building successful global training programs. Here’s why:

  • Once a business starts training globally, they, in essence, interact with people from different cultures, locations, and languages. But many training programs are not built to incorporate this type of variety.
  • Also, the best employees are usually well versed with the company products and services. But when the employees are located in dispersed global locations, the company is faced with the challenge of creating training programs that focus on the localization of the products and understanding of the different time zone markets.

The good news is that Eurekos recognizes these difficulties. That is why the Eurekos LMS is specially built to cater to the successful training and onboarding of employees globally. Moreover, the software will integrate seamlessly with your business operations to offer you a unique and results-driven training platform.

If your SME is eyeing the global industry, the Eurekos LMS will let you actively participate, affect, and adapt to any misalignment in the localization process. It also allows you to perform any changes yourself smoothly.

Therefore, with Eurekos, you have a system that drives your training results much faster and effectively towards a targeted outcome. So, what exactly are the challenges that many businesses face concerning the adoption of LMS solutions for training programs?

This article focuses on three primary challenges and how Eurekos works to fill these gaps seamlessly. The challenges include:

  • A limited user experience
  • Lack of or minimal consideration for the many languages used in different regions
  • The operational challenges experienced when operations are in different time zones

Let’s dive in.

Limited User Experience

From the get go, some LMS solutions are often difficult to integrate into the business system. They are even more challenging to learn and understand. Remember, the LMS solution’s purpose is to allow employees and trainers a seamless training experience.

Therefore, when the LMS interface is too complicated, it becomes too time consuming for businesses to understand and use. The process of creating and managing content, courses, and documentation also becomes challenging.

Moreover, you’ll find that these LMS platforms offer separate modules and services for many business operations. As a result, integrating the system into your business successfully will leave you with an administration that’s difficult to navigate. Some of the integrations even fail to work effectively in a global training scene.

Furthermore, if the entire system is not designed to handle common content additives like video content, the training process becomes limited. Or otherwise, using the video streaming function means experiencing glitches, freezing, and inaudible videos.

So, how does Eurekos eliminate the problem of limited user experience?

Think training with a Netflix like experience: an easy-to-navigate user interface, no user network limitations, just-in-time operations, and co-creating capabilities. What do we mean?

With the Eurekos LMS, you are immediately welcomed to a simple yet easy system to navigate and operate. The software also has a scalable infrastructure and integrated ecosystems to ensure seamless integration across all your functional roles.

The software ensures you experience no technical barriers or license issues regardless of your location or time zone. Concerning training courses, you don’t have to create your content alone: you can invite other co-creators from your organization – from remote global locations – to participate directly in the training process.

Additionally, the system has a course combination capability that will ensure you have no knowledge gap in all your business locations. The auto-tagging feature further provides that any content you create will never be lost. Your employees will also find relevant content fast using appropriate keywords.

And when you want to edit or update your content, you don’t have to go through many administration requirements. Instead, the just-in-time feature allows you to create, maintain, and update training materials on the go.




Minimal Language Acceptance

LMS language bubble showing over 100 languages for the Eurekos LMSWe’ve already mentioned that some LMS solutions don’t factor into their system the need to incorporate the many languages present in the global business industry. This happens because many software solutions find it challenging to offer versatility with their language functions.

After all, there are more than 7,000 languages in the global industries. But these limitations usually mean that many companies outsource translation services when they are in different global locations. Hiring translation services for every country of operation means additional training costs for businesses.

This is where Eurekos comes in:

Eurekos has a multilingual interface function that incorporates more than 100 languages. This works together with the just-in-time software feature to offer just-in-time translation capabilities from one language to another.

What does this mean for your training program? Suppose you’ve created your new training course and you need to pass it on to the different human resource managers in say 7 other countries worldwide. Does this mean you need translation services to ensure each of the 7 leaders understands your content?

Not at all. The Eurekos language interface will allow each leader to translate the training content from your language to theirs by selecting the option. This translation of content happens instantly. Eurekos LMS solution uses trained AI services to ensure that even the most complex training content has maximum translation quality and output.

If you find that one of the leaders prefers a specific taxonomy, the interface will then change to their preference in any language on the fly. What we are saying is that with Eurekos, you get to train your global employees with the required and industry-specific tone perfectly.

Lack Of Time Zone Considerations

When using LMS software on a global scale, you are bound to face particular challenges. For instance, the presentation and support standards might be compromised in certain time zones. You might even find that multi-currency control, automation, and notification features, among others, do not work seamlessly.

But with the Eurekos LMS solution, you can facilitate your global training needs without a hitch. Eurekos even accommodates the ability to add currency to the training course. All things are considered with Eurekos.

In Summary
Many LMS solutions face challenges when they are used in global landscapes. This happens because, in most cases, many of them have:

  • A limited user experience
  • Minimal or no consideration for the many languages used in different regions
  • An inability to scale languages seamlessly and effectively to support global training
  • Challenges when operations are in different time zones

Eurekos is an LMS solution provider that considers all these challenges. As a result, it works seamlessly by offering businesses the ability to train employees on a global scale in the following areas:

  • employee training
  • channel partner training
  • sales training
  • compliance training
  • customer/product training

Therefore, if you want your global training efforts to achieve the best results, Eurekos LMS solution software is your perfect fit. Contact Eurekos today for a free personalized demo and see how the Eurekos LMS can help your organization create and adapt to your global training needs.

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