By Gordon Johnson, Eurekos Systems.

Copenhagen, Denmark— Eurekos today announced the launch of a new language tool that will support over 100 languages in the Eurekos learning management system (LMS) enterprise solution.

One of the original goals of the Eurekos LMS was to set a new industry benchmark for language coverage so enterprise customers can provide training and communications in every major (and minor) language.

“As learning becomes more global, the need for technology to facilitate the wide variety of languages has increased dramatically.” said Anders Willumsen, CEO of Eurekos. “The same is true for Eurekos, who has seen rapid growth in our enterprise customers, in their global footprints and extreme global demands for training in the native languages of their learners.”

The real benefit of this new technology will be higher engagement rates and companies will be able to reach a higher percentage of their workforce, customers, and any other learners in their extended enterprise. The result will be more highly educated workforce, increased product adoption, and more precise communications.

To constantly improve the quality of language technology, Eurekos is introducing two innovative tools that will give their customers the ability to evolve and improve the accuracy of their translations:

  1. Adaptive Translation Interface – Makes it easy for companies to constantly adapt and evolve terminology, making language more precise and understandable.
  2. Open Language Community – This collaboration technology will constantly improve translations and taxonomy with crowd sourcing.

In addition, Eurekos is introducing advanced machine learning to automatically improve translations by constantly learning from suggestions from the community.

“Our long-term goal is to give our customers the ability to reach 99.9% of all their learners in their native languages.” said Willumsen. “If this can be achieved, it will open up the potential for enormous gains in organizational change and productivity for our customers.”

About Eurekos

Eurekos is headquartered in Copenhagen with business partners throughout Europe and the United States. Their flagship product is the Eurekos LMS, which is the first of its kind to help clients and partners create impactful learning content and repurpose old content, at record speed. It puts content first and delivers powerful administration, insightful analytics, and engaging social and collaboration tools. Eurekos partners with Microsoft, H5P and a large variety of learning content companies to integrate the best content in the world with the Eurekos learning management solution.

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