By Gordon Johnson, Eurekos Systems.

The experts from independent software review directory FinancesOnline announced today that they have granted their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018 to the Eurekos LMS.

These awards are given to the best software solutions worldwide and indicate that Eurekos stands out from the sea of Learning Management System’s (LMS) on the market. The Rising Star award is given to new SaaS solutions that have rapidly risen in popularity and are rated as an innovative solution for nagging industry problems.

In a detailed Eurekos review, FinancesOnline experts pointed to their “advanced content builder” as a unique solution that “simplifies and accelerates the production of premium content.” As stated by FinancesOnline’s review team, “creating top class content with Eurekos is so fast that subject matter experts can build their own courses quickly and distribute them immediately.” From creating interactive courses to taking advantage of gamification, “anyone can use this tool without a steep learning curve.”

Due to their intuitive interface and ease-of-use, Eurokes landed in a top ranking and received their Great User Experience award for the best learning management system category. Kenny Munck, CEO of Eurekos, said, “This is a very meaningful award to our team because we highly value the ability we give everyone to easily create quality content. We worked very hard to make the system extremely easy to use so that our users can focus on their work without trudging through any unnecessary complexities.”

The Great User Experience award is also given to software solutions that are well-designed with efficient workflows. One of the Eurekos features that demonstrates this is the Content Co-Creation tool, which allows for easy collaboration between teams. Other features that support this are the Eurekos reporting tools for assessing learners’ capabilities, the Virtual Marketplace for simple acquisition of learning materials, and the integrated booking system.

For a full review of the Eurekos LMS, visit FinancesOnline. A quick look at Eurekos will help you quickly understand why LMS software is useful for your business operations.

About Eurekos

Eurekos is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices throughout Europe. As a learning technology company, our flagship product is the Eurekos Learning Management System, which is the first of its kind to help clients and partners create impactful learning content and repurpose old content, at record speed. It’s an LMS that puts content first, but it’s so much more. Eurekos delivers powerful administration, insightful analytics, and engaging social and collaboration tools.

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