By Gordon Johnson

Mastering the Customer Education Journey, from Awareness to Advocacy 

Most L&D professionals know a great customer education program can significantly reduce customer churn. What many don’t know is the importance of educating customers in all three phases of their journey: Pre-sales, onboarding, and ongoing. 

In this video, Ken Joseph of Brandon Hall Group and Nick Eriksen of Eurekos will share best practices, key insights, and new research to help revolutionize your customer education program. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Key education opportunities in each phase of the customer journey 
  • How top customer education companies train their customers 
  • How to leverage training for lead generation, customer acquisition, and post-sale relationships that leads to increased customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy 
  • How to track and measure success 

Watch now: 

About our speakers: 

Nick Eriksen, Eurekos
Nick is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Eurekos. He has designed online experiences and solutions for customer education, partner training, and the entire extended enterprise. 

Ken Joseph, Brandon Hall Group
Ken has more than 30 years’ experience as an HR practitioner designing and developing technology-based learning and performance support solutions for organizations across multiple industries. 

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