By Davis Patterson, Learning Light.

Review of the Eurekos LMS, by David Patterson of Learning Light.

“Eurekos has put an amazing level of thought and detail into making it incredibly easy for the busy training team to create and manage content. It is not bluster.”  These are the words of David Patterson, a recognized expert in training technologies and worldwide best practices and the lead eLearning Consultant at Learning Light. David recently took a 2+ hour test drive of the new release of the Eurekos LMS.

We are, in a word, delighted. Here’s what else he had to say in his formal review:
“The level of thought that has gone into the design process is exceptional, from course structuring to one-click links and the integration of H5P and a host of other smaller details really makes this platform swift in creation and smooth in delivery.” 

Read the full Learning Light review:

“We are very honoured and proud of the latest review by Learning Light. It’s always great to see positive results after so much effort is put into developing the best lms for our clients and partners.” – Nick Eriksen, VP Business Development

In summation:

“While Eurekos is justifiably proud of the ability of this platform to build (and curate) impactful high fidelity digital learning courses, the overall ability of the platform should not be forgotten in the need for speed. This platform has a well-designed UI and UX and is suitable for use by training companies and for inside the organisation. This platform is designed to make content building and content curation for courses or resources slick and efficient without any compromise on quality … and in that considerable challenge alone it excels.”       

About Learning Light

Learning Light is a consultancy of training and elearning experts, helping organizations to find and create engaging, effective elearning and training solutions. Founded in 2005, Learning Light has become a center of excellence in the use of elearning and the latest learning technologies and techniques. For more information, visit their website at

Eurekos LMS – What Others Have Said

“The platform has the key features of a next generation digital learning system. Not only is it easy to produce courses in Eurekos, the experience for learners is interactive, collaborative and social -everything required to engage learners in an online experience.This is our 6th experience with a learning platform and it is by far the best.” – Donna Eiby, Creative Director, 4IR

Debuting in 2017, the Eurekos LMS immediately emerged as one of the world’s top 25 learning systems according to Craig Weiss’ Learning Systems Ranking.

“Eurekos has a home run here. The built-in authoring tool is a slam dunk and it has very strong content curation. Functionality and UI/UX is good. The roadmap track record is excellent. You can do a lot with this: classroom management, competency management,  and I could go on.” – Craig Weiss

About Eurekos

Eurekos is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices throughout Europe. As a learning technology company, our flagship product is the Eurekos Learning Management System, which is the first of its kind to help clients and partners create impactful learning content and repurpose old content, at record speed. It’s an LMS that puts content first, but it’s so much more. Eurekos delivers powerful administration, insightful analytics, and engaging social and collaboration tools. 

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