By Anders Willumsen

Salience Learning builds a powerful blended learning program for lasting, life-saving change

Download the full case study [Link to PDF] 

To help time-pressured pharmaceutical professionals improve their decision-making skills, Salience Learning knew it needed to take a blended approach to learning in the form of its capability academies.

To deliver these ambitious academies, Salience Learning needed a new customer training LMS which would grow and scale with them – namely, Eurekos LMS, which specializes in customer training.

Each capability academy is set up as a self-contained, standalone program within the LMS, ensuring each cohort gets access only to their specific area of interest.


How the program works

Each academy focuses on a topic of the client’s choosing, such as the Critical Thinking Academy, the Generate Insights Academy, or the Strategic Thinking Academy, which is tied to each organization’s learning and company goals. Each academy provides strategies, tools, and behaviors to exemplify the desired way of thinking and demonstrates how to promote that way of thinking in yourself and others. Downloadable performance support PDF resources are provided as part of each academy to support learners in the workplace.

Each program is designed to target a specific skill set, such as critical thinking, strategic thinking, or enterprise execution, and is underpinned by Salience’s “Explore, Practice, Do” model. Salience Learning’s customers want to ensure that behaviors learned in the academies are transferred into learners’ real workplaces.

Each blended learning program broadly comprises instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (vILT), e-learning, practice plans, and social learning, using both synchronous and asynchronous methods to get the best results. Learning analytics and learner feedback is closely monitored and analyzed to maximize the effectiveness of every learning moment, and to enable constant iteration and improvement across the program.

An important part of the delivery of Salience Learning’s academies is social learning. Social learning is fully embedded into each step of the learning journey, encouraging learners to think more deeply about the learning material and analyze and evaluate complex subject matter. Asynchronous discussion takes place in tandem with synchronous, live virtual deliveries and discussions within the Eurekos LMS, building a sense of community among cohorts, driving peer-to-peer learning, and supporting ongoing discussion.


Impact of the program

Results from the first cohorts prove that these blended capability academies are extremely successful when it comes to both changing mindsets and ensuring knowledge is transferred into the workplace. Academy completion rates are high across the board, with an average of 84% across the total learner base and rising to 90.5% for those in the medical leaders and independent contributors’ functional area.

In several cohorts, 100% of participants have self-reported that they will apply their learnings from the academies in their roles, alongside 100% confidence in understanding of the program material. These are the exact results that these customers want to see – the better the level of understanding and confidence among pharmaceutical professionals, the better the decisions they will make, leading to better patient care and outcomes.

The learners themselves also love this approach, with one saying:

“These new approaches allowed me to not only gather more insights, but also helped the conversation flow more naturally and allowed me to delve deeper into understanding the ‘Why?’ behind each insight. I was thrilled to see such an immediate return on my effort.


What’s up next

The next steps for Salience Learning are to expand each program, which is a straightforward process thanks to Eurekos LMS.

They have also just upgraded to Eurekos 11, and the new Learning Journey functionality will significantly reduce the amount of effort it takes to deliver programs, making customer education more efficient and cost effective. All complex blended learning scheduling and notifications will take place inside the Eurekos LMS, ensuring learners know what they need to focus on next as they are guided through the program.

Owing to the success of the microplans, Salience Learning is hoping to build triggers throughout the input process, which includes each user receiving a follow-up message five days after submitting the plan to check their progress.

A high-quality blended learning program, underpinned by an advanced LMS, ensures that Salience Learning has the tools it needs to make a real, lasting impact on its customers, now and long into the future, changing the way life sciences professionals behave for good.

Download the full case study [Link to PDF] 

To learn more about the Eurekos LMS and see how it can work for you, get a demo. 

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