By Nick Eriksen, Eurekos

The world is once again abuzz with the excitement surrounding the latest tech breakthrough: Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence). Unlike many fleeting tech trends, Generative AI for learning is here to stay, and its impact on various industries will be enormous.

The concept of artificial intelligence has long been a subject of fascination, dating back to the earliest science fiction novels and dystopian visions on the silver screen. What distinguishes this era is the easy accessibility and rapid advancement of AI, thanks to substantial investments from Big-Tech, pushing it into the mainstream.

However, this is just the beginning of the AI journey, with countless opportunities awaiting exploration beyond the spotlight-stealers like ChatGPT.

The Unique Fascination of Diverse AI Learning Tools

The true fascination of the AI wave lies in the eagerness of most tech companies to join the AI revolution, either by integrating AI or developing their own AI solutions. This often begins with short-term thinking, driven by the fear of being perceived as lagging behind and not taking proactive steps in AI adoption, both by their customers and in the marketplace.

Rest assured; this is not a short-term game for AI or for Eurekos.

Eurekos’ AI Evolution: Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning

At Eurekos, we’ve been harnessing Machine Learning for the past four years to address the significant localization challenges faced by customers with a global presence. Over time, this effort has evolved into a subfield of AI known as Natural Language Modeling. Through this, we’ve enabled our customers to seamlessly generate content with automated translations, achieved through customized training of language pairs. This approach covers aspects such as product names, nomenclature, and taxonomy, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of content creation.

As a result, we have successfully automated the generation of courses and various other content assets tailored to specific products, services, and markets.

A Forward-Thinking AI Learning Strategy: Delivering Personalised Learning Content Experiences

Two years ago, we embarked on an extensive, long-term strategy aimed at integrating big data, meta-level analytics, and adaptive learning capabilities into the Eurekos platform. This initiative was closely linked to the authoring and distribution of learning and communication materials, with the ultimate objective of fully leveraging AI, including its subsets like Machine Learning, to unlock a wide range of business opportunities for our customers.

Our natural progression involves leveraging these capabilities in many forms. We carefully consider every aspect and touchpoint for all our customers. This includes administrators, content creators, and learners, and our goal is to provide them with unparalleled, personalised  learning experiences.

Enhancing Learning Organisations with AI and Machine Learning

Eurekos is committed to streamlining the day-to-day operations of learning organisations using Generative AI and Machine Learning. Our aim is to optimize efficiency while simultaneously enhancing the overall quality of outcomes.

It’s important to note that we are well aware of the inherent limitations of AI and are intentionally designing our solutions for human supervision and override.

Customer-Centric AI Innovations: What to Expect

1. Content Creation: Empowering Content Development

By harnessing our native authoring tool, we will integrate generative AI features to aid in course structuring, improve content quality, and enhance elements such as learning objectives and testing.

A big reason we’ve been able to advance so quickly in this area is our unique advantage of having a mature native authoring tool with asset management. This enables us to seamlessly integrate services, thanks to years of modular content development.

What sets us apart is our focus on leveraging your organisation’s proprietary IP, along with seamless integration with other leading content creation tools for enhanced interoperability.

2. Administration and Facilitation: Streamlining Administrative Tasks

Our platform will aid administrators in setting up complex programs, providing suggestions, and descriptions based on real program data. This will accelerate administration processes, streamline communication, and enhance the overall learning experience.

3. Evidence-Based Personalization: Tailoring AI Learning Experiences

Leveraging adaptive learning outcomes, we will analyze intricate behaviour details to cater to various business needs. This insight will extend from program and persona-level analysis to individual content recommendations, making learning objectives more attainable and measurable.

4. Predictions and Analytics: Informed Decision-Making

Meta-level analytics will empower extended enterprise customers of all sizes to make informed decisions based on comprehensive comparisons across resellers, distributors, and customers. Predictive behaviours will help identify customer churn, financial potential, and uncover dysfunctional corporate relationships.

5. eCommerce Optimization: Personalised Commercial Offerings

We will provide personalised commercial offerings, tailored to individual preferences, trends, and localization. Recommendations and suggestions will drive higher engagement, sign-up rates, and certification or competency-building opportunities.

This will even benefit our customers who don’t have an interest in selling their courses or other content.

Our AI Strategy: A Commitment to Excellence

Our strategy involves a continuous expansion of AI, Generative AI, and Machine Learning applications. Rather than being the first to adopt, our focus is on getting it right. This means weighing the advantages against AI maturity while guaranteeing data privacy.

Data Privacy and Security: A Fundamental Priority

Data privacy and security are paramount, especially concerning sensitive intellectual property. Eurekos has an impeccable track record on this, and your data will remain secure, as AI models will not train on it unless they are your own.

Eurekos is an industry leader in data privacy and security, holding ISO certifications for both ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701, along with default encryption at rest.

Looking Ahead: A Year of Innovation

In the coming year, we will all witness a wave of AI innovations, and we are excited to partner with our customers to make the most of these new opportunities in their respective industries and use-cases. This will be a gradual and purposeful undertaking guided by considerations of responsibility, business cases, and the associated benefits.

While it will unfold as an evolutionary process, we can safely predict that it will feel like a revolution.

About the Author

Nick Eriksen is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Eurekos. He has designed online experiences and solutions for customer education, partner training, and the entire extended enterprise.  Connect with Nick on LinkedIn

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